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An high professional, focused and sophisticated legal support is the key to meet your needs and achieve your goals. We cooperate with an external team of selected consultants by providing you with an effective, timely and tailor-made solutions.

We regularly cooperate with highly qualified Of Counsel who carry out their activities as external partners in a non-continuous and autonomous manner. To safeguard the quality and efficiency of our services we have selected such external counsel among professionals with a minimum of 15 years of experience and depth expertise in specific sectors and/or complementary subjects.

Arising from international practice, in particular from the common law system, we work with professional General Counsel with particular experience and expertise in a wide range of issues, from corporate governance to compliance, from corporate risk management to legal advice due to their ability to influence decision-making processes.

Knowledge management is an essential tool for identifying, organizing and making information accessible. We cooperate with Knowledge Management Attorneys who enable access, sharing and reuse of the collective knowledge assets of our law firm through the design of technological systems and the selection and dissemination of information.

Risk assessment is the key for ensuring your business’ success. For this reason we closely work with risk management counsel who identify, monitor and mitigate complex risks using an efficient and considered approach to enhance efficiency by correctly allocating resources and reducing exposure to harmful sources.

Thanks to a proven experience gained over time, our professional external support is highly qualified to assist you in daily operations, offering a real and trustworthy solution through a dynamic approach.

We cooperate with tax advisors and financial experts with a deep expertise and knowledge of tax law, tax accounting and IRS guidelines by providing strategic tax advice to clients, focusing on the full spectrum of taxation for both indirect and direct taxes and a careful evaluation of the most appropriate and cheapest tax system to join with.

We work with experts witnesses who are highly qualified by virtue of their education, training, certification, skills or experience and whose opinion is accepted by the court as coming from an expert. They act as impartial third parties, providing their knowledge and expertise to enable the acquisition of data for the settlement of a specific issue.

We work with highly qualified and certified accountants and auditors in connection with company's accounting processes ensuring they are accurate, updated and compliant with the regulatory standards to provide an efficient and optimal service and to determine profits and cash flow for the growth and stability of your business.

We cooperate with experienced and trusted investigators team providing you with both domestic and international investigation services for any specific case thanks to an industry expertise and a highly confidential and detailed approach by collecting information and evidences on behalf of you and granting you the achievement of investigation purposes.






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